Cigar Studio 2018 World Tour

Cigar Studio’s House Brands are on the road again in 2018  (get it, House Brand, a play on House Band?  Whatever). Here’s the deal; just before you leave for vacation or somewhere cool for holidays, or just plain drop in, drop in and grab a house cigar or two.  At your destination take a selfie or two, showing you, the cigar and a “site worthy” background.  We will post it here as we have started to do.  After the tour we will pick our top 5 favorites, each will get a bunch of cigars.
Happy Vae Cae

Shawn, mid way through Lough Erne, Ireland

Kes, London England

Todi in Umbria, Italy.

Better late then never, Kes about to enjoy our Corona Gordo at the Muay Thai fight in Phuket Thailand

Brian’s last stop on the 2018 World Tour, Dracula’s Castle, Bran Romania.  Finally gets to enjoy the cigar.

Brian in Valletta, Malta about to fire up our Nicaraguan Maduro Corona Gordo. Great shot.

Rob in Amantea, Italy. Our Nicaraguan House Cigars are selling out in the 2018 World Tour

Edward on the beach in St Johns Newfoundland. Can you say Skreetch and Maduro?

Brian and Adam on the Spanish steps in Rome, Nicaragua Maduros in hand.

Tash and Frank at the Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland

Mike at Greywolf, Panorama

Nash at Dundas Heights in Hamilton

Joe in the Bahamas

Yours truly in Banff Springs

Mike in Jungfrau Switzerland

Alana on Willingdon Blvd