2018 Events

2018 Cigar Studio World Tour

Taste of the Kingsway

This annual celebration of food, beverage, live music and community events went off without a hitch over the post Labour Day weekend. Our station outside the shop was busy throughout the festival, guys hanging out, enjoying many of the Alec Bradley specials we had on. Too many laughs, never enough cigars. Just have to wait until 2019.

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August 17 Perdomo Event

This weekend’s Perdomo Event flew like an eagle. Seriously, some dude show up with a bald eagle. Anyways, thanks to Nick and Janine Perdomo for hanging out, customers loved the Perdomo Story. Special props to Joe and Helen Bondi. We sold a ton of Perdomo cigars as the brand continues to soar like that bald eagle. Stay tuned for information on the Cigar Studio Perdomo Factory Tour Winter 2019.

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May is Macanudo Meets Our 22nd Anniversary Party

There was lots to celebrate on May 31. Not only was it our 22nd Anniversary Party, but also the last day of our May is Macanudo Month. Man we crushed it!!. So we decided to hang out at Terry’s, enjoy a cheap and casual evening of Macanudo Cigars and the best wings in the City. Thanks to Mike at STG for his help on one of the worlds great brands, and to Terry and his staff – Heather we love you – for making the night a special one to remember. Stay tuned.

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2018 Habanos Festival

Feb 26 through to March 2 saw thousands of “Friends of Habanos” descend on Havana for the 20th Annual cigar festival. From Mondays Opening night celebrating the new Cohiba Robusto Reserva Cosecha 2014, to Wednesday’s Distributer’s Night, to the Friday Night gala dedicated to Partagas, it was a week of great community, ridiculous weather and some of the best cigars in the world. Thanks to Roger, Betty and Jose for their great hospitality.

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What a Crib!

Our winter event at Joe and Mathews was spectacular! Their crib in their cabana might be the best we have been at and large enough to hold 80 of us with room to spare. Could not believe the quality of the food coming out of his home kitchen, and the service/catering staff he brought in had it down pat. Thanks to Alec Bradley, Havana House and House of Horvath for the cigars.

Joe we are coming back.

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Alex In Nicaragua – January 2018

On the heels of our growing business with Perdomo Cigars, I sent Alex to Esteli Nicaragua to visit their factory and go to school for 2.5 days with the professor himself. He was as blown away as I was a year ago. To keep him out of trouble, I sent wingmen Kes and Chris who kept him in trouble for a few extra days. Big mistake.

Here is a snapshot of their time down there.

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Smoke Free Ontario

Government interference into the private activities of ordinary Ontarians ramped up significantly on January 1, 2015 when new regulations to the Smoke Free Ontario kicked in.   These changes dramatically altered the way tobacco is sold and enjoyed in Ontario. The biggest impact was the smoking ban on all patio’s where food and beverages are served –even those where age restrictions limit patronage to adults 19 and over. This is what happens when ideology trumps common sense and practicality. At 8PM, a bar owner with a patio can not take out ashtrays and allow patrons to enjoy a cigar. Really?

It’s remarkably embarrassing that in a world class city like Toronto, there is no place, I mean no place, where you can sit down, order a drink, and have it served to you while you enjoy a cigar. Crazy. Smoke Free Ontario, where is the common sense in that?

As we have talked about many times since then, this is not the first time that the government has encroached on our personal freedoms –like the freedom of the bar owner to run their establishment as they see fit or the freedom of cigar smokers to enjoy a legal product. That the government levies huge taxes on cigars yet profits financially from their purchase while limiting consumers ability to enjoy that product to a few places, is in itself a big hypocrisy.   I know of many non-smokers who defend our right to enjoy a legal product because of their concern that the government appears willing to go after legal public activities that they deem socially unacceptable.   What’s next? “No cheeseburgers for you, you could lose a few pounds”?

Since then we have complied with the new laws and continue to look for legal alternate sites where we can enjoy cigars together. 10 meter, self serve F&B zones have been established at many golf and private clubs.   While not perfect, they are legal as are the homes, back yards and cabanas of many of our customers who host events on our behalf.   We have used many of these options and will continue to do do so in 2018.   We will let you know 2018 details soon. In the meantime, we have had Toronto Public Health to the shop and our small table out front is yours to enjoy.

Stay tuned.