Cigar Studio 2019 World Tour

Cigar Studio’s House Brands were on the road again in 2019  (get it, House Brand, a play on House Band?  Whatever).  Here’s the deal as we head into 2020 Just before you leave for vacation or somewhere cool for holidays, drop in and grab a house cigar or two.  At your destination take a couple of selfies, showing you, the cigar and a “site worthy” background.  We will post it here. After the tour we will pick our top 5 favorites, each will get a bunch of cigars.
Happy Vae Cae

Pete and his sons after completing the Flattery Cup at Cabot Links, NS,  Honduran Robusto’s in hand.

Kes and AP hanging out on the beach in Portugal, just before the trouble started. 

Our Private Lable Nicaraguan Maduro Gordo made in to the Old City of Cartagena, Columbia.

Danny and Dave with the one that did not get away along the French River.  Apparently fish prefer maduro’s

Yours truly cutting through Times Square on the way to see SD

Scott at the Open in July.  The Old Course plus our Honduran Robusto.  What a pairing.

Mike in front of one of many cathedrals in Barcelona.  A great cigar culture there.

Our maduro cigar in the Hotel De Ricci in Rome.  Note the ashtrays in the room!!

Our own Alex, maduro in hand.  Apparently the eye candy was particularly good that day.

Honduran robusto in hand,  John and Lisa celebrating their anniversary in Paris.

Between goblets of fine wine, Freddie found time to play golf in Bordeaux, France.