Pipe Corner

Pipes and related accessories continue to be the fastest growing sector of the specialty tobacco market. We put in our pipe department in 2002 and began with a dozen pipes. But in response to customer demand, we have continually invested in this area and have watched it grow such that today, we have an outstanding assortment.

Below is a brief description of the pipe products you will find at Cigar Studio.

Brigham Enterprises

If you have ever inherited or been given some old pipes, we guarantee that there is a Brigham pipe or two in the collection. Roy Brigham began repairing pipes in a small shop on Yonge Street in 1906 and his pipes have been a staple in the Canadian marketplace since. The grading system of 1-3 dots lead into their 400-700 Series and indicates quality level and an appraisal based on its beauty and grain. Brigham pipes have been around for years because of the variety of styles and great value offered. Their 2001 Christmas pipe is a very handsome pipe that has been created in the great Brigham tradition. Priced from $59 – $179.

Butz Choquin

Butz Choquin (pronounced boots show can) is one of the last of the old pipe making companies from Saint Claude, France. This area in France was once the pipe making capitals of Europe and many craftsmen from other countries like Italy would travel to Saint Claude for work. Founded in 1858, BC makes a complete range of low end to high-quality pipes using both ebauchon and plateau briar. In the 1950’s, a family owned company named Berrod-Regad purchased BC and today they are the largest company in the region. Priced from $50 – $220.


Peterson of Dublin is the worlds most recognized name in briar pipe making today. Roots go back to the mid 1800’s in Dublin when the company was known as Kapp & Peterson. While known for many innovative designs and manufacturing techniques, two are particularly famous – its patented Smoking System where a secondary reservoir in the shank traps condensed moisture from the smoke, thereby providing a cooler smoke; and the Peterson Lip mouthpiece, which directs smoke away from the tongue while providing a contoured fit for the mouth. Sterling silver bands are often used as caps or decorative bands. Priced from $89 – $250. This Christmas we are also showing the Peterson Collection Matching Set. You should see this set!


This was the Danish freehand brand we carried. Eric Nording pipes are classic styles and his bowls are large – great outdoor walking pipes. His silverline pipes are handsomely rusticated and come in a variety of shapes and color grade. Priced from $75 – $129.


Wherever you find great wood carvers you invariably find great pipe makers and in Italy the name Savinelli is synonymous with both. Their briar comes from Italy and Corsica. It is dried “naturally” in open-air buildings for several years before it is used. The Classic series we carry are shaped by machine and then hand finished. Priced from $120 – $175.


Another of the many famous manufacturers from Denmark, Stanwell began operation in the 1940’s. All Stanwell pipes are machine shaped, hand finished. The Stanwell style reflects bowls that are distinctively smaller. Designs are very clean and somewhat traditional in appearance. Priced from $85 – $325.