True Patriot Love


2016 was the 20th Anniversary of Cigar Studio,  a proud milestone we celebrated with our customers and clients in many ways. Since opening in 1996, Cigar Studio has had a strong track record of giving back to the community. Our Pool Tournament for Big Brothers with Bondele Cigars/Alec Bradley ran from 1997 to 2006 covering our 5th and 10th anniversaries and we raised $23,500 over that time for that organization. In 2006 at our 10th Party at Cru, we raised $5,500 for the family of Bernardo Gonzales D’Silviera , a long time Habanos employee and friend who was my man on the ground in Havana and who passed suddenly in 2006.  In 2011 we began to raise money for Out of the Cold and today sales of our empty cigar boxes still contributes to that program at the local church.

Given the milestone of reaching 20 years in this business, the benefactor we chose for our 20th Anniversary fundraising efforts was True Patriot Love. The True Patriot Love (TPL) is a national charity that supports and honors the sacrifices of members of the Canadian Armed Forces, veterans and their families in both times of peace and conflict. They do this in a wide variety of ways; TPL funds unique programs and innovative research in the areas of family health and support, physical health and rehabilitation, mental health and wellbeing, and research and innovation. To date, True Patriot Love has committed over $15.1 million to charities across Canada, and has disbursed essential funding to 67 programs and organizations nationwide that support our service men, women, veterans and their families. A complete history of their work and accomplishments can be seen at

I became aware and involved in the great work TPL does as a guest of their Annual Dinner in 2013 and specifically started to help/donate to a Program that sends children of military families to camp for a week. Each year since then, I have attended that dinner and donated funds to send a child to camp. The cost of this is $850 per child. Which brings me to why I am keeping this post on this topic in our Web Site.

Through our collective efforts at the shop with customers and suppliers, Cigar Studio raised $22,000 in 2016, enough money to send 25 kids to camp. As we move into 2017 and beyond, we will keep this post here and continue to accept all donations to this worthy cause.

If you would like to help out or if you have any questions about this initiative, please call the shop or Send an Email

Thank You.

Cigar Studio would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their generous donations to True Patriot Love.  
As of December 31, 2016, $22,000 has been donated to TPL.

The following have donated funds to fund a child for one week at Camp.

  • 2280498 Ontario Ltd.
  • Al Kaminskas
  • Alec Bradley Canada
  • Brigham Enterprises Inc.
  • Catherine O’Shea
  • Chris Hartman
  • Cigar Studio Inc.
  • Daniel More
  • Gary McNally
  • Heather Andrews
  • James Pattison Associates Inc.
  • Jim Faichnie
  • John Harper
  • Roger Lanteigne
  • Tall Tree Lumber Company

The following have made generous donations to the True Patriot Love Camp program

  • Steve Barnes
  • Chris Bielecki
  • John Brennan
  • Bill Bright
  • Jack Brown
  • Bryden’s Inc.
  • Frank Burke
  • Randy M Carter
  • Mubbay Carver
  • Mike Chaszcziwskiy
  • Rob Coyle
  • Pier Dolente
  • Norm Dundas
  • Sheona Duthie
  • Michael Fiorini
  • James Fleming
  • Oliver Harrison
  • Lee Horigan
  • Sarah Iles
  • Chris Kanurkas
  • Pat McHugh
  • Barry McKelvey
  • Gary McNally
  • Christopher Portelli
  • Bryan Sievert
  • Mike Smith
  • James Stonehouse
  • Todd Yule