Are you that person that has smoked cigars for quite some time now? Let’s say about five to ten years, and you’ve most certainly been asked: “Are Cuban Cigars really that good”? If the answer is anything but ‘no,’ or ‘it depends,’ it tells more about you than about the cigars, Cuban or otherwise. America has legalized a certain amount of Cuban Cigars that can be taken while on vacation on the Cuban island.

Getting back to our question, “Are Cuban Cigars really that good”? Well, the answer is that a formal cigar expert lean-to rank Cubans very highly in blind taste tests. Cigar snobs usually prefer Cubans taste, even when they are not aware that they’re Cuban; more on this in a while. Leaving the price aside, there are some components to judge the quality of a cigar.

  • Look good: The cigar should look good and feel smooth when you roll it in your fingers.
  • Wrapper: The wrapper should be soft with a slight shine, no blemishes or rough stems, its leaves all spiraling in the same direction.
  • Firmness: The cigar should not be too dry or too firm; give your cigar a gentle squeeze to find out.

Cigar appreciation is a subject of personal taste, and there’s nothing wrong with preferring cigars rolled in one country or another. Now that we know how to judge a good cigar’s quality, let us understand why Cuban Cigars are better?

High Quality

These cigars stand out because they are made from high-quality materials. An immense amount of care and attention goes into the making of every single cigar. It is known that it takes over one hundred steps to produce a single Cuban cigar accurately.


While there are tons of fake copies in the market that can be bought quite easily. Cuban cigars are not hard to buy outside of Cuba, in fact very easy to find/buy in most countries around the world except the US. We at Cigar Studios produce premium quality hand-rolled cigars for our consumers.


The flavor is purely subjective. The flavor is the most significant quality in determining which cigar you like. The taste of any particular cigar can easily be dissimilar from production year to year, so the flavor keeps building on as per the produce.

Strength and Complexity

Cigar Studio offers a spicy, woody, and earthy tone in a Cigar that is just excellent. Most times, you can also get the herbal notes, but you will enjoy the right intensity of the cigar. In blind tastings, the dominating and most liked cigars are usually a Cuban cigar. So yes, the prominent feature of a Cuban cigar is its strength and complexity.

Once you get your hands on an excellent cigar, it is also vital to keep it in proper condition; having a humidifier adds moisture to the humidor so that the cigars can stay plump and burn gradually. It also preserves essential oils that provide the flavor and fragrance you expect from your favorite cigars. A humidor should be aimed at 70% relative humidity for optimal storage conditions. The reason behind it is the high price for a premium cigar. Yes, a Cuban cigar costs up to three times as much, but if you get your hands on a Cuban cigar from a reliable source, you will most likely end up with a more robust, flavorful, and complex cigar experience compared to other cigars.

There is a valid reason why Cuban cigars are so well-known other than the restriction. Some people like to pair their cigars with their desired cognac, brandy, whisky, scotch, or even port wine. If you’re in a situation now where you can’t get hands-on Premium Cuban cigars, it’s okay; you will eventually get a chance, and in the meantime, visit our website, it has a guide for you to find Cigarsin Toronto.

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