A cigar cutter is one of the most basic cigar accessories every smoker needs, and is designed to cut off one end of a cigar. The majority of cigars come with one end finished in a “cap” which must be cut off for the cigar to be smoked. The cap is a small piece of a wrapper pasted onto one end of the cigar. The goal in making this cut is to create an opening without compromising the integrity of the cigar. Cut too deep and you remove the entire cap, and the cigar could start to unravel. Cut too shallow and you may find the draw too tight.

The question of how deep to cut needs clarification. The cap of the cigar – the round part of the head end – eventually flows into the straight length of your cigar. This area where curve meets straight is called the shoulder. By cutting the cigar on the shoulder you avoid cutting below the cap or the cigar could start to un ravel once you start to smoke it. Remember you are simply removing something as thin as skin.

Cigar Cutter Options

There are 3 main categories of cigar cutters, all of which achieve the goal of removing part of the cap so you may enjoy your cigar.

Straight Cut Cutters

These are very common cigar cutters and every smoker has several of these on hand. A common name for these is a guillotine cutter. This cutter uses a quick straight cut causing both ends of the cigar to be exposed. There are both single blade straight cutters and double blade straight cutters. This single blade cutter is the cheapest. The proper way to use a guillotine cutter is by a quick, decisive movement. Squeezing the cutter slowing risks damaging the cap. Most guillotine cutters can be used on any size cigar. The double blade guillotine is preferred by most smokers because it usually makes a cleaner cut by putting equal pressure on both sides of the cigar. Some double guillotines have a back on them so the user simple places the cap of the cigar against this back, thereby avoiding cutting too deeply.

Guillotines cutters are very practical, are generally inexpensive, and can be easily and safely carried in a pocket. Many smokers enjoy straight cuts because the entire cap end is exposed allowing for maximum smoke to be drawn from your cigar.

Punch Cutters

A punch cutter is a small circular blade that is designed to put a perfect hole in the cap of a cigar. The blade of a punch cutter is twisted to cut the hole in the cigar cap. This cut is preferred by some, as it exposes less of the filler and binder and reduces the chance of bits of tobacco ending up in your mouth. It also protects the cap for a longer period of time and may be preferred by smokers who take longer time to smoke their cigars. On the other hand, punch cutters may not allow as much smoke to be drawn out. Punch cutters can be purchased that have both small and larger blades.

The original type of punch cutter was a Pin Cutter, and these can still be bought today. These are basically a small needle that is used to perforate into the cap. The user puts as many holes into the cigar as he/she wishes, stopping only when they have achieved the perfect draw.

V Cutters

Recently V cutters have become one of the most popular tobacco accessories for cigar smokers. A V cutter basically puts a wedge down the middle of the cap. Some smokers call these hybrid cutters as the opening protects the cap like a punch cutter, but can be used to go deep into a cigar, providing the smokers with lots of smoke. Another advantage of v cutters is that the cigar is held against a channel which will both keep the cigar firmly in place and take the guess work out of how deep to cut the cigar. Cheap V cutters should be avoided at all costs as they can easily shred the cap of a cigar.

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