We had a shopper in the other day with a slight panic look on his face asking us the difference between plume and mold on a cigar.  We get this question a lot. Plume looks like white dusty powder on a cigar. Plume is evidence that you have a well-aged and properly cared for cigar, maintained at 65-70% humidity and at room temperature. The white dust is crystallized oils from the cigar itself and often is seen on the head or tip of a cigar. While it looks weird, it’s harmless to a cigar and is easily brushed off the cigar when you are ready to smoke it.

Mold on the other hand is not good for the cigar or the smoker. Mold can grow on cigars like it can on anything that is too moist, and usually means the humidity in your humidor is well above 75%. On a cigar, it is a greenish-greyish color that cannot be brushed off easily. The color of the residue – plume or mold – will help you ID what it is – white dusty powder versus greenish cakey spots. You can always bring your cigar to the studio and Alex and I will help you sort it out. But if you do get mold on cigars and in your humidor, you have to clean it up by wiping it down with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol, then air it out for a couple of days. Make sure you trust the reading from your hygrometer then re-introduce your cigars. Maybe re-think what you are using for humidity control and if in doubt jump on Boveda Packs. They are THE NO BRAINER humidity control system.

To learn more about different types cigars, feel free to visit Cigar Studio at and one of our friendly staff members would help you out. Cigar Studio is a premium cigar shop in Etobicoke. We carry premium rage of cigars as well as some of the best pipes that you can find in Toronto.