The other day someone walked into the shop and while viewing our assortment asked, “Is there a difference between trunk pressed and box pressed cigars?”  While there are many “official” cigar shapes available to consumers, these two are the most interesting and yes, there is a difference.

Trunk-pressed cigars have a distinctive shape, with squared-off sides and sharp angles that give them a flattish appearance, rather than the traditional rounded cigar shape. The cigars start out round, just like any other smoke, but are then placed into individual wooden slats to take shape. Pressure is applied from above, and the cigars are pressed, then later rotated. This pressing and rotation squares off the edges of a cigar to a dramatic degree, giving the cigars a very square shape. The Cigar Studio House Pressed cigar is formed this way, as is the CAO Maduro Anniversary, the Oliva Serie G and several Padron cigars.

Boxed press cigars have less defined angles and have softer edges.  Boxed press cigars get their look from being pressed inside a cigar box, where the sides of the cigar and top and bottom of the cigar box press into the cigar giving it that slight box yet still round look.

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