Since 1996 Cigar Studio’s focus has been on premium, hand rolled cigars, which represent over 70% of our turnover. As long as they are available in Canada, most major brands are represented, as they hail from Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Honduras.

When we opened in 1996, Cuban cigars were all the rage. But each year, we have seen consumers shift buying to other countries’ cigars, especially Nicaragua whose shelf space continues to grow. Nicaragua has become the tobacco capital of Central America, and the amount and quality of new hybrid variations of leaf and cigars is ridiculous.

Whether it is something new from Nicaragua, the Edicion Limitada’s and Regional Edicions from Cuba, Cigar Aficionado and The Cigar Journal’s Cigars of the Year, or boutique brands from small producers, Cigar Studio staff will help you with your selection to insure the cigar you choose is right for the occasion.

Cigar Studio house and private label cigars represent some of the best value in the cigar market today. Priced from $7 – $15, these cigars hit the sweet selling spot and make the perfect smoke when you need products for large events, golf tournaments, and customer appreciation.

FAQ – “Many of my friends became new smokers during Covid Where do you suggest we start?” Our recommendation is to start with smaller, milder and less expensive cigars. The best way to get turned off the pleasure that cigars bring, is to get nauseous on a cigar that is too long for the smoking situation, too strong for an un acquired taste and too expensive such that expectation are not met. You can always move up the length, strength and price ladder as you develop your own taste and price preferences.