Nothing comes close to the sublime experience of life unfolding all around, that one gets when sitting at a sidewalk café, smoking the right blend, and just being in the ‘present.’ A smoking pipe is a small, ancient, and hugely revered object that has fostered many great friendships delighted the senses and soothed souls for millennia. One gets a sense of delight, knowing pipe smoking is currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity. The real enjoyment of this hobby comes from the constant hunt for collecting exciting and new smoking items. It can be as simple as getting a single pipe for your collection, sampling, or procurement of a new blend or adding essential and exciting accessories to your pipe kit. We at Cigar Studio believe that accessories are the key to pipe smoking, and there is always going to be something unique to add to your collection.

Outlined are a few essential pipe smoking accessories that we feel every pipe smoker in Toronto should own.


A lighter is a compulsory accessory a pipe shocker should own. The more you spend on Purchasing a good quality lighter, the better quality you will receive. Remember, if you are a dedicated pipe smoker, you will want to invest in a pipe-smoking lighter. A pipe lighter has a flame that comes out of the side; this will ensure a well-rounded light and minimize burns to your fingers.

Pipe Cleaner: 

Keeping your pipe in good condition is vital. Pipe cleaners remove residual tobacco and ash left-back in the tube after smoking. Regular cleaning of the pipe will ensure it is free from any residue and gunk.

Knife and Tamper: 

Pipe tools such as the knife and tamper are vital parts of your accessory kit. A tamper is used to maintain the smoke of a lit pipe by pushing down unburnt tobacco below the embers. Doing this ensures that the tobacco is well lit. The knife is utilized to remove residual ash from the bowl.

Tobacco or pipe pouch and jars: 

Every pipe smoker needs a place to store and differentiate his prized possessions, i.e., tobacco. Airtight tobacco jars ensure the freshness and flavor of the tobacco. Similarly, pipe pouches are designed to store your smoking pipes, which come in diverse materials such as leather, vinyl, suede, and cloth.


Ashtrays are one of the most widely used accessories in the smoker’s fraternity. This piece of metal is used to place a cigar during smoking, drop ash off, and extinguish it once finished. A good quality ashtray, either made of glass or wood, will last a lifetime. So choose wisely!

There is a wide range of products and smoking accessories that you can choose from according to your preferences. It is advisable not to be fooled by cheap accessories and easy marketing gimmick. Visit our store at 4 Willingdon Blvd, Etobicoke ON M8X 2H2 or get in touch with our experts, and we will answer you every query regardless if you are a novice or experienced smoker. Cigar Studio has been in business since 1996, delivering the most high-grade products and services. Our goal is to help customers and build lasting relationships with them.

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