Veteran cigar smokers cannot stress less on the importance of owning a humidor. Novice smokers entering into the cigar aficionados world do not know what a humidor is or its significance. Read further to learn more about humidors and points to keep in mind when buying your first humidor.

A humidor is an essential storage tool for cigar smokers around the world. Cigars tend to lose their freshness and dry out if stored in the box provided by the manufacturers. The manufacturer packaging ensures the cigars are fresh only until the customer opens the seal.

A humidor keeps your cigars plump, preserving essential oils, flavors and aromas while also maintaining the moisture content of the tobacco for a slow and constant burn. If taken care of properly, it will keep your cigar feeling fresh for years to come. There are two types of humidors, manual and electric. Humidors come in different sizes, from travel humidors that hold a couple of cigars, to full-size ones which contain thousands of cigars. You could buy a humidor depending on the cigars you like to keep on hand, the kind of cigars you smoke, and how often you smoke.

Manual humidors contain sponges, floral foam, crystal gel, humidipaks, and silica beads. These need to be wetted or refilled when the humidity requirements reduce. It is mostly used by veteran cigar smokers who have mastered the art of maintenance and monitoring their cigar flavors over the years. Only experience will teach you how to adjust the temperature and humidity in the system to preserve your cigars’ freshness and flavor. On the other hand, electronic humidors provide automated moisture control and other built-in gizmos like electric lighters, digital alarm clocks, etc. Look for a unit lined with kiln-dried Spanish cedar. This wood works great during fluctuations in humidity and is naturally resistant to mold. Spanish cedar also adds a complex depth of flavor to cigars.

When buying a humidor, make sure you get a unit that maintains a good seal once closed. This will ensure the outside atmosphere does not interfere or influence the quality, flavors, and humidity of your cigars. A simple way to check for a good seal is to lift the lid and let it go. It should make a whooshing sound and close after a pause. As stated before, make sure the humidor can accommodate the number of cigars you intend to store. It’s a wise decision to get a few cigars along when scouting for a humidor. You don’t want to end up buying something that doesn’t fit your smokes. In general, the rule of thumb is to fill your humidor to about ¾ capacity. This allows for proper humidification and ample circulation.

Last but not forgotten, cost! You want to purchase something that fits within your budget while contributing to the maintenance of the quality of the cigars it stores. There are many different products available which are made to suit every budget. Find the one that relates to your need.

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