An experienced smoker is well aware of all the little secrets and tricks when it comes to keeping his prized possessions- CIGARS fresh! But what about an occasional smoker who would like to enjoy a few puffs or enter the cigar-smoking world? We all have that one friend who loves to try new things but sometimes finds it challenging to seek guidance from an aficionado. But not anymore! Well, we’ve got you covered! We at Cigar Studio breakdown what it takes to preserve cigars and how to retain its freshness throughout! To simply put it straight, the best way to protect and keep your cigars fresh is to sustain the climate where the cigar was produced. It’s a tough task, but persistence is key!

Outlined are a few tips on how you can care and store your cigars in the correct way.

1. Uphold a steady temperature and humidity

As mentioned earlier, temperature plays a vital role when it comes to storing your cigars. Most cigars are stored with a virtual humidity of 70% and a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes, due to climate change, it becomes challenging to maintain temperatures. Hence a range of between 62 and 72 % humidity is suitable. Try to differentiate the humidity based on the temperature. Our experts recommend adding 1% of moisture for each degree the temperature is lowered. Besides, cigars require less humidity since they come with thick wrappers and more oils.

2. Invest in a humidifier for precise storage conditions

Investing in a cigar humidifier can be a wise decision as it can save your cigars from getting damaged and also save your hard-earned money. Since cigar humidifiers come with a humidifying component, it helps add needed moisture and remove any excess. If you notice a fresh cigar burning scantily, it is because of extra moisture added by the manufacturers to help keep its freshness until it reaches the cigar trader. It would be best if you stabilized fresh cigars before using them. Put the collection inside the box, wait for a week, and then try again for the optimal and enjoyable smoking experience.

3. Get a humidistat and a hygrometer

How to retain the freshness of cigars? You must invest in these two tools- Humistat and a hydrometer. A humidistat is a tiny humidifier that requires no power to keep a consistent humidity. Several cigar humidistats are made of synthetic clay and will maintain the humidity of 70%. On the other hand, a hygrometer is a device that shows the humidity levels of a spot. They come in digital and analog versions. Purchasing a digital version will cost you a few dollars, but are more reliable and won’t need bi-yearly checks.

4. Ways to store cigars without a humidor

If you’ve received a pack of fresh cigars from your friend as a gift and don’t have a humidor on hand, we’ve got your back! We recommend storing your cigars on the go!
• Put the cigars in a zip lock bag or sealed plastic container.
• Soak a clean sponge with distilled water and put it inside.
• Use one sponge per 25 cigars. In case you’re storing a few cigars, cut the sponge into smaller sections.
Storing the cigars in a humidor is ultimate, but storing cigars in a way mentioned above can last between a month and a year.

5. Protect cigars that have dried out

Moldy and damp cigars can be challenging to restore, but you could get lucky with the dried ones. You can quickly revive the dried cigars by gradually adding moisture back in the cigar by placing it into the cigar humidifier.

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