Are you new to the cigar-smoking world and on a chase to discover the finest cigars but confused and cannot make a decision? Do you know which brands use good-quality tobacco? We’ve got your back! At Cigar Studio, we’ll have all your questions answered. We believe you need not be an aficionado to spot a good quality cigar. You can easily spot a premium cigar from the not-so-good ones by paying close attention to the points which we will discuss further in this blog.

Good quality cigars have a vibrant and pleasant flavor, provided they are stored accurately in a humidor. Humidors help maintain an optimal level of moisture inside the tobacco. If it’s too humid, the tobacco will decompose. If it’s not humid enough, the cigars will dry out and lose their aroma and flavor. So, before buying, it is vital to check out the cigars’ condition and how they are preserved.

Look for these signs before you light up a cigar to ensure you’ve got the best stuff.

 A Smooth Burn

It is imperative to check this one! On smoking, the cigar should burn consistently down to the end. If it burns out in between, it means that the cigar was not rolled up properly.

An Ideal draw

If the tobacco is packed too firmly, it’ll be hard to draw, with minimal flavor, and more smoke will be produced. If it’s packed too slackly, you’ll get an easy draw but a harsher taste from a much hotter burn.

An Extended Ash

A good-quality cigar will amass at least an inch of ash before it falls off, assuming you aren’t moving your hands continuously while you smoke. When the ash falls off, it should leave behind a cone shape. This happens due to the premium center leaves that give the cigar their flavor are slower burning, and a good quality cigar will have adequate to make a visible cone once you ash the cigar.

Unswerving Burn & Flavor

If you notice a raucous sharpness and heartburn-like sensation, it means that the cigars don’t all hold consistently aged tobacco. Each one of them should taste and burn exactly as well as the last.

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