Humidification Options

When you need to store more than 10 boxes of cigars. Cigar Studio has a wider selection of both active and passive humidification options for cabinets and desk top humidors. We carry the full range of Cigar Oasis and Honeywell active systems, Western and Cigar Oasis analogue and digital hygrometers, as well as the full line of Madelaine humidor maintenance products.

How To Ensure Your Hygrometer Is Reading Accurately

Its easy. Just bring it into the store. We will check it and re-calibrate it if necessary. And there is no charge to you for this service.

The most important piece of equipment in your humidor is your hygrometer. You can’t question whether your humidor is “working” or not until you absolutely trust your hygrometer’s accuracy. You must know it is calibrated correctly to accurately indicate the 65%-70% humidity level necessary to maintain cigars in perfect condition. This is especially important during the cold and dry winter months.

Since opening in 1996, Cigar Studio has offered a complimentary service to check your hygrometers’ accuracy. Unless you are a chemist, forget doing the salt test at home. Seriously, it can be messy and you need to know what you are doing. So just bring in your hygrometer, whether you bought it here or not. (We always test all equipment before we sell it). We will leave your hygrometer in our humidor overnight, where we have very accurate and expensive equipment to insure 65%-70% humidity – remember this is the business we have been in for 25 years. Almost all hygrometers can be re-calibrated and we will do it for you no charge. We always have, we always will.

How Do Analogue Hygrometers Get Out of Wack

Even the best hygrometers will begin to READ LOW after a year or so and should be checked annually. Over time and use, the aluminium ribbon inside the unit will not expand enough for the indicator to get to 65%-70%. And in poor quality hygrometers – and there are plenty of them out there – the ribbon can start to rust and seize up.

Are Digital Hygrometers Better?

Not necessarily. Don’t be misguided that because it runs on a battery it is better. Their main advantage is that they give you a fairly instant reading of the humidity level in your humidor. Plus they look cool. And properly calibrated, all they need is an occasional new battery. But we have tested customers’ digital units and they too can provide in-accurate readings. In addition, many humidors are sold with an analogue hygrometer built into its outer shell, meaning you are locked into that unit especially if it can not be removed easily.

Isn’t All Humidor Equipment The Same?

No. I am not going to lie and tell you hygrometers sold in humidors are expensive Swiss calibrated units. They are not. So we test every piece before we sell them, both those we sell on their own, and those that come packaged as part of a humidor. After a year, we encourage you to bring the hygrometer in for a quick test. It is a basic service we have always offered.

But My Humidor Is Not From Cigar Studio. What Do I Do?

No worries, just bring your hygrometer it in. We want you to enjoy your cigars without any maintenance worries, it is no big deal as all we do is leave it in our humidor overnight. If it is reading accurately, we will let you know. If not, we will recalibrate it for you no charge. If it needs to be replaced , we will show you some options.

What Are The Options For New Humidor Equipment?

There are many good brands you can choose from out there. We are big fans of the hygrometers from Cigar Oasis who have merged with Western Humidification. World leaders in the manufacturing of hygrometers and active humidifiers for desk top and cabinet humidors, their stuff works, plain and simple. We carry their analogue, digital and electronic humidification systems. And you can replace all the equipment in your desk top humidor for less than the price of a Montecristo No 2.