Of the four accessories mentioned, a humidor is usually the last item a smoker purchases. After all you can’t get far without a cutter and lighter and who wants to go out with their friends for a cigar carrying them in plastic baggies. But buying a humidor means you are past the “novice” smoker stage, you are starting to develop a tase of what you like and dislike, and are ready to keep a small collection at your instant disposal. A humidor can be a very personal purchase as color, shape and size of the humidor should match your personal style preferences. From small travel size units, to personal home or office humidors, to large cabinets, you will find them all at Cigar Studio.

FAQ – Probably one of the most frequent questions we should get asked by casual cigar smokers is “how large a humidor should I have?”, suggesting customers purchase a humidor as they begin their collection. Unfortunately that is not always the case and instead we often get asked “how many cigars will ‘that’ humidor hold” , suggesting they are shopping for a humidor after they have begun to collect cigars or following a trip away where they ended up with a box or two more than they can store. This often results in ending up with 1, 2, or even 3 humidors as their cigar collection gets bigger than their current storage capacity. Good for the humidor industry, but not necessarily good for the customer.

So what to do? It is our experience that owning a humidor that will hold up to 50 cigars – approximately 2 boxes – is adequate for the average cigar smoker. Before you can say “50 cigars, that’s way more than I need to store”, please note one important issue. The cost saving of having a smaller humidor is relatively minimal since size is not the main factor driving humidor cost. What drives humidor cost is primarily its finish and features. Plus it is our experience that the smoker who has a small humidor for 25 cigars or less, is simply going to run out of space as soon as they are given or buy that 1 more box of cigars when they stock up. It’s a fact and we see it all the time. So for someone who smokes 1-2 cigars a week, 50 cigars is a half years’ worth of cigar heaven, but not too many to discourage regular visits to your favourite cigar shop to see what’s new.