Important Notice To Customers

November 23 – The Ford Government’s announcement of new restrictions for the GTA, means Cigar Studio’s in store shopping operations are suspended until December 21. This means we will be back to curb side pickup options similar to what we did from March 20 through to mid-May.

There are several ways to place an order with us. The easiest and fastest is to call us with an order the day you want your cigars; or you can DM us on Instagram; or you can email your order to or; or you can go scroll below where we have some Cigar Packages that might work for you. Or we can look up in our registry and put something together based on your past purchases, and you can contact us through one of these above channels. Whatever is easiest for you!

If you are choosing one of the above in which to place an order, it remains helpful (but not necessary) if you give us a day’s notice. This will provide enough time to prepare your order, and/or get back to you in case we have temporarily run out of anything. Then just pull up in front of the shop and we give you your order and obtain payment through our contactless POS machine. Easy peasy.

You may pick up orders 7 days a week, Monday through Saturday, 11AM to 6PM, and Sundays Noon – 5PM. This will change as we get closer to Dec 21.

A couple of things that some have asked about since the imposition of these new shopping restrictions.

First, We had audibled many of our store operations to the 2020 covid environment, mostly when we were shut down back in March and kicked into curbside pickup. We nailed it, so this temporary closure to in-store operations sucks, buts it’s no biggie. Secondly, Alex is 100% solid here, he’s the best and will be treated as such.



Cigar Packages To Make Your Ordering Easier

Our goal here is to provide customers with easy to order packages reflecting different brands, prices and sizes. Enjoy!

All packages exclude hst.

Package 1 – The Alec Bradley Mild to Medium Body Package – 2 Connecticut Robustos, 2 Medalist Robusto’s – $65

Package 2 – he Alec Bradley Medium to Full Body Package – 2 Maxx Freaks, 2 Tempus Terra Nova, $65

Package 3 – The Rocky Patel Package – 2 1990 Vintage Robusto’s, 2 Artisan Series 55’s, $75

Package 4 – Cigar Studio Nicaraguan Private Label Package – 5 MaduroRobusto’s, 5 Boxed Press Toro’s $109

Package 5 – Cigar Studio Private Label Variety Package – 3 each of our best selling private label robusto cigars including our mild strength Honduran, our medium strength Nicaraguan Maduro, and our mild Boxed Press Robusto $99.

Package 6 –  The Casa Magna Package – 2 Robustos, 2 Gran Toros, $80

Package 7 – The JC Newman Brickhouse Package – 4 Robustos, $65

 Package 8 –  The Classic Cuban Full Body RobustoPackage – 3 Bolivar Royal Corona’s, $95

 Package 9 – Cuban Value TuboPackage – 2 RYJ Tubo #2, 2 GuantanameraCristales, 2 Quintero Tubulares, – $75

 Package 9 – Cuban Torpedo Package – 1 Montecristo #2, 1 Bolivar BelicosoFino, 1 Diplomaticos #2, $119

Package 10 – Davidoff Primero Package – 2 DR Natural and 2 DR Maduro, $65

Package  11 – Macanudo Package – 4 MacanudoEquador (White) Robustos, $50.

Package  12 – The CAO Pilon Package – 4 Robustos, $65

Package 13 – Perdomo Package #1 – 2, 10th Anniversary Conn. Robustos, 2, 12 VR Vintage SungrownRobustos, $115

Package 14 –  Perdomo Package #2 – 2, 20th Anniversary 556 Maduro, 2, 20th Anniversary 660 Maduro, $115….

Given these short term shopping restrictions, these packages may change every couple of weeks or so. You can order these below, and pick them up at the curb in your car or we can arrange delivery for a nominal fee.

Thank you for your support.

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