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Christmas Gift Ideas

Yes, in store shopping is back which means we would really like to have you come into the store and allow us to help you with some gift ideas. But if that does not work, here are 20 cigar and accessory packages reflecting different brands, prices, and sizes. Have a look at each of them and if anything jumps out at you, there is a simple to use order form following the package listing. Just another option intended to make it easy for you.


Please Come In!!

We have been back to in-store shopping for several months. It has been awesome to be able to have you in, and we are pretty well back to normal these days. Yes, masks remain mandatory, a minor inconvenience while we wait for everyone to get both shots. Every day we get closer.

Store Hours for In-Store Christmas Shopping    

Monday through Friday 11 AM to 8 PM

Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM

Sundays Noon – 5 PM

Note – December 20 to 23, we will be open until 9PM. On December 24, we will close at 5PM. Closed December 25 and 26. 

How To Order Your Cigars and Accessories.

Obviously coming into the shop and allowing us to help you with a selection remains the best way.  But other options remain.  You can still call us or DM us on Instagram or you can email your order to a.pigulski88@gmail.com or jerryh@cigarstudio.com; we can look it up in your file and put something together based on past purchases.   

 All packages exclude HST.



Gift Idea #1

Cuba’s finest, the Cohiba Robusto, packaged in an attractive glass tube. $80

Gift Idea #2

Sampler Pack #1. The ultimate sampler pack from an awesome boutique brand, Kristoff cigars one of our best sellers. I each of 4 blends, the Maduro, Connecticut, Sumatra and Habano. $65

Gift Idea #3

Sampler Pack #2. From our pals at Alec Bradley Canada, the Taste of the World Short Series, featuring 6 cigars, one each from their best-selling brands. $79

Gift Idea #4

Two of Cuba’s iconic brands and best-selling cigars. The Montecristo #4 and the Partagas Petit Corona Especial. Both packaged in a Specialist Tube and includes a mini Specialist Lighter.  $45

Gift Idea #5

One of the most stylish ashtrays on the market, the new Alec Bradley Baby Bump Cigar Ashtray is a stunning example of the creative design the Alec Bradley team puts into the packaging and overall design of their products. Featuring the ashtray AND your choice of 2 robusto’s from either/or Black Market and Maxx. $70

Gift Idea #6

Maybe the most perfect gift for the cigar enthusiast. The Cigar Studio 25th Anniversary Traveler, in beautiful Antique Leather or Lazy Blue & Brown. Comes complete with cigar cutter and torch, holds 4 cigars, the perfect way to go. $99

Gift Idea #7

The Cigar Studio 25th Anniversary Cigar Case. Made by Columbia Leathers, the case holds 3 cigars. And how about a price of $50 for the case AND 3 Cigar Studio Boxed Press Toros. Not a typo, 3 cigars AND the Cigar Case for $50 bucks.


Gift Idea #8

When size matters, aficionados step up to the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill and the Montecristo No 2, both of which can claim rights to Cuba’s most famous cigars. We put them in a Specialist Tube and voila, you have an awesome gift for the serious cigar smoker.  $110

Gift Idea #9

Value at its finest. Your choice of 10 Nicaraguan Cigar Studio Private Label Gordos, attractively packaged in a small humidor and complete with a Boveda Pack. $149

Gift Idea #10

Brizard & Co Cigar Cases and Tubes. Brizard remains the premier North American manufacturer in the luxury cigar market, and Cigar Studio carries a wide selection of their cigar cases and tubes. From $99

Gift Idea #11

Brizard & Co Cigar Cutters and Lighters. Looking to add to a collection? Who knew cigar cutters and torch lighters could look so stunning. From $139

Gift Idea #12

Essential Cigar Accessory #1 – Off with its head! Before you can even light a cigar, you need to give it a nice clean cut. Over 25 different cutters – Guillotines, V Cutter, Punches and more. From $20 – $129

Gift Idea #13

Essential Cigar Accessory #2. – Come on baby light my fire. A bit of a stretch here but right after that clean cut, an odorless butane fuel cigar torch is just what you need. Our widest selection of the year. From $39 – $250

Gift Idea #14

Not Quite Essential But Nice To Have – While many of use our garden as the perfect depository for cigar ash, let’s class it up a little with a nice cigar ashtray.  From $39 – $200.

Gift Idea #15

How about a new pipe for the latakia smoker in the house. From the 2021 Peterson Christmas Pipes, to new pipes from Nording, Savinelli and Brigham.  From $65.

Gift Idea #16

Of course you’ll need some pipe tobacco for that new pipe. How about the Sutcliffe Cringle Flake, an extremely limited Edition release just in time for the Christmas season. US groan red Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos that have been aged for 20 years are combined with 18-year-old Perique, then pressed and sliced into a flake cut. $79. Or Our best-selling Pipe Tobacco, one specifically blended for our 25th Anniversary, this ribbon cut features an equal combination of bright Virginia, burly, and natural cavendish, then topped with a mocha maple case. $41.90

Gift Idea #17

The Cigar Studio 25th Anniversary Hoodie @ $35. Add the Cap for $15. Add Alex, $1,000,000……

Gift Idea #18

I smoke cigars in my garage in the winter and as soon as it starts to stink, I use Ona to deal with the lingering odor of those cigars. Ona Jars, Pails and Fans do the trick better than anything I have used before. From $13.50

Gift Idea #19

Cigar Oasis Digital Hygrometer. There’s a reason we only carry Cigar Oasis/Western hygrometers and humidification systems. They are the recognized industry wide leader as the humidifier of choice for premium cigar collectors. $39.

Gift Idea #20

New for 2021, an expansion of our popular Nicaraguan House Cigar Program, this gift package features 4 new Nicaraguan robusto’s, 2 Connecticut Blend and 2 Maduro Blend, from Duran Cigars. “These are the cigars that get smuggled into Cuba”.  $50 

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