Last weeks snowfall, while a brute, did not discourage the Cigar Studio polar bears from celebrating at the Yard. Christmas cheer was in great abundance as we toasted the great year that was 2014. 12/14 (View Pics)

Our annual trip to the Partagas Dinner in November is always a blast.  4 days of world class cigars, tastings, the best rum in the world, and so many laughs my gut is still sore. The 2014 trip was particularly raucous. 300 guests enjoyed the Friday night dinner where 000’s was raised for a local children’s health clinic. 11/14 (View Pics)

Winter 2014 saw Cigar Studio private label cigars all over the world. From the culture and architecture of Rome, to the jungles of South Africa, the beaches of Veradero, and to the golf courses on the Mayan Riviera. Great cigars under $15. 03/14 (View Pics)

The Fall leg of the 2013 Patio Tour was launched at Brydens on 09/25.  A great night of cigars fresh off the rollers bench, a selection of fine bourbons, delicious small plates from the Chef, and fall night to die for. 09/13 (View Pics)

Cigar Studio was one of 15 stores chosen by Cigar Aficionado magazine – and the only one in Canada – to host The Longest Ash Contest and Party.  On January 15, 2012, 14 brave soles smoked the H Upmann Reserve Toro’s right down to the band.  After an hour or so,  there were 4 smokers who held their ash the longest.  See who it was here 01/12 (View Pics)

The 2011 ICPRA convention took place in Vegas in July.   Hospitality, cigars and pretty girls  abound.   There were many great nights but the Torano Cigar Night was especially smoking hot.  07/11 (View Pics)

In New Orleans, I had a chance to hang, party and smoke with the principals of two of the largest cigars brands in the Dominican  Republic;  Ashton (with Manny, Chip and Bobby) and Fuente (with Carlos himself). 08/10  (View Pics)

Each year, the Smokes and Strokes Golf Tournament is the most sought after event for cigar smokers/golfers in Toronto.   Here a few of ‘da boys, smoke their final RYJ Wide Churchills before heading home.  07/10  (View Pic)

The Collini Brothers and pals enjoying corona gordas just rolled by master roller Arnoldo.  Arnoldo visited several shops in Toronto this summer, demonstrating the art of producing hand rolled cigars.  06/10 (View Pic)

Some very big guys smoking very big Macanudo 1968 cigars.  May is Macanudo Month at Cigar Studio 05/10  (View Pic)

Our Ashton Night at Islington Golf Club was a great success. Ashton Magnums, VSH Robusto’s and Cabinet Series #6 were wrapped around cocktails and appetizers on the patio. The humidor donated by GVA (Ashton distributors in Canada) was won by Jim Fleming. No wonder everyone is smiling. (View Pics)

Cigar Studio is out in full at Craigleith Mens Day.  And can you blame us? 02/08  (View Pic)

Jack Kleban showing off his newest toy – the Boss Hoss – at Cigar Studio’s Summer Smoke where Macanudo Maduros were smoked in abundance. 06/08 (View Pic)

Cigar Studio was a proud supporter of the 10th Anniversary Ferrari/Masseratti Rally held in and around Toronto.  A few of the boys enjoying post race Bolivars. 09/08 (View Pic)

If its August it must be boat cruise time. Our 3rd annual boat cruise on August 21 was a blast.   200 guests enjoyed Bolivar, Gran Habano and Leon Jimenes cigars, cocktails, a great  meal and 4 hours cruising the harbor.  The cool weather did not stop anybody from having a great time, or Shawn from getting busy. 08/21/07 (View Pics)

We get to the The Habanos Festival each February and it is always a blast.  This years theme was all things Montecristo.  In addition to smoking the brand new MC Reserva and Cohiba Maduro 5,  we always find time to see the sights and visit old friends.  02/28/07 (View Pics)

Shawn and Arnaldo Alfonso. Arnaldo has spent 50 years in the cigar industry, first learning to roll cigars in the H Upmann factory in 1956 – before the revoltion. He now works at the Palco Hotel in Havana but spent 3 days in our store demonstrating the art and science of making hand rolled cigars. (11/01/06) (View Pic)

The Toronto Cigar Charity Dinner raised $40,000 for the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation.  Richard Cocq’s and  Ivano Scarlato’s generosity were the main reasons for the success of the dinner as they pose with Carlos Fuente with some of their winning auction items. (09/19/06) (View Pics)

Hanging with Joe Horvath and the rest of my account team at the Cigars Under the Stars Boat Cruise. Great cigars and perfect weather again. (08/22/06) (View Pic)

Some of the gang at Cigar Studio’s 10 Anniversary Dinner.  What a party!  85 guests enjoyed cigars from Cohiba, Macanudo, Montecristo, Padron and Ashton.  (05/02/06) (View Pic)

We have run our Pool Tournament since 1998.  The 1998 Champions did it again in 2006 as Jack Criger (far left) and Jack Brown (far right) captured the Trophy from this years’ runners up, Joe Gordon and Joel Barr.  Joe Bondele of Bodele Cigar is in the middle.  Man, there are a lot of J’s in this picture (03/07/06) (View Pic)

All 32 players in this years Tournament.  Gail was kept busy and a big thanks to the rest of the staff at The Fan for looking after all of us. (03/07/06) (View Pic)

The Cigar Family Dinner held in Toronto on September 21 raised $17,000 (US) for the Family Charitable Foundation. Here the Cigar Studio table muggs with guest of honor Carlos Fuente Jr. (09/21/05) (View Pic)

The Cigar Studio/Cigar Bodega Boat Cruise on August 24 was totally smokin’ as 125 guests enjoyed Montecristo, Macanudo and Trilogy cigars aboard the Mariposa Belle. Here our suppliers from Havana House, House of Horvath and Bondele Cigar strut their stuff. (08/24/05) (View Pics)

Our good friend and long time employee Adam Epstein was married on July 3. A beautiful bride and some great cigars made for a perfect day. (View Pics)

Of the dozen events we do each year, our favorite is the Big Brothers Gourmet Dinner. On June 2, 500 attendees enjoyed themselves at the Metro Convention Centre. Cigar smoking has been a very popular component of this event for the past 10 years. Next year….?. (06/02/05) (View Pic)

Crisantos Cedenas doing what he does best. This legendary cigar roller from Havana was in the shop over the May long weekend. (05/24/05) (View Pic)

Ray, Glenn and Peter showing off their Macanudo Paks. The “May is Macanudo Event” at the Yellow Griffin saw the Canadian debut of the new Reserva Annual Maximo. (05/05/05) (View Pic)

Our 4-3-2-1 Pool Tournament is our longest running event and certainly the most fun as these pictures can attest. The Fan in Toronto has been a great host given their excellent service and very cigar friendly status. Congratulations to Ken Shaw Jr and his son Kenny for their victory in 2005. 03/09/05 (View Pics)

Shawn with the last holdovers from our February cigar dinner the Toronto Humber Yacht Club. Seafood appetizers, wine from Eastdell and Thomas & Vaughan, prime rib and cigars from Bolivar, Joya Nicaragua and Cusano. Wow! (Feb/05) (View Pic)

Brian Murphy (left) and Bruce Melanson (right). Brian won the Peterson Pipe at our Fall Pipe Sale. The Remembrance Day event raised $350 for the Juno Beach Memorial Center in France. Bruce is a WW II veteran and accepted our cheque on behalf of Canadian veterans. Looks like he wants Brian’s pipe too….. (November 04) (View Pic)

John P (middle) is smiling because a; he has just won a Santa Damiana Humidor at our Cigar Dinner at Villa Trattoria on Tuesday September 28 b; at least 1 one the Brigham reps is really cute or c; he still has his Veal Chop to eat. Just a great night!! (09/28/04) (View Pic)

Some of the 115 who turned out at our Annual “Malts, Macanudo’s in May” event at the Ontario Club. (05/06/04) (View Pic)

Ed Wojna and Dave Latorre are smiling because they just repeated as Champions in Cigar Studio’s 4-3-2-1 Pool Tournament held March 9 at The Fan. (03/04) (View Pic)

A few of the lads at the Crooked Cue where the Kingsway Pipe Club gets together monthly. 25 pipe smokers attended the Christmas Party in December. (View Pic)

Bill, Ken and Ed kicking back at our Fall Cigar Dinner at Village Trattoria in October. Without a doubt, their Veal Chop is the best in the City!! (View Pic)

Yours truly between Joe Horvath and Colm OShea enjoying their hospitalty at Potatoe Blues (06/03) (View Pic)

Roberto Pelaya of Havana House presenting several Vegas Robaina cigars enjoyed by 100 guests at our Single Malt Scotch Tasting and Cigar Dinner held in May at The Ontario Club (05/03). (View Pic)

The Burlington Pipe Club hosted an awesome Pipe Show in the spring. (04/03) (View Pic)

Leslie, Richard, Rudy and some of the crowd at the Ashton Cigar Event held at the Old Mill (12/02) (View Pic)

Brian Herbst and Eric Kay were all smiles after winning the Consolation tream of the 4-3-2-1 Pool Tournament, March 4 at the Crooked Cue. 60 participants enjoyed 4 cigars and 3 beverages, (03/03) (View Pic)

Doug and Chris enjoying Padron 3000 cigars at our Annual Winter Cigar dinner at the Village Trattoria. Padron cigars were in abundance as was great food and wine. (02/03) (View Pic)

Why are there two servers at the Indian Motorcycle Café smiling? Because 50 guests have just enjoyed a great night of Indian Tabac cigars, cognacs and single malts. What’s not to smile about. (View Pic)

Indian Tabac cigars at the Indian Motorcycle Café. Our customers really love the brand. (01/03) (View Pic)

Dan More of Brigham, Rockey Patel of Indian Tabac and myself an Indian Tabac dinner at The Ontario Club (12/02) (View Pic)

One of the advantages of getting eliminated early in the Pool Tournament is that you get to hang around with the guys, tell a few lies, and not have sex while you drink a little Keiths…. Roy, Jeff , yours truly, another Jeff, and Larry share a few laughs and were among the players who played in this years Tournament. (03/02) (View Pic)

Ken Reid showing off the form that helped his team win the championship at the Pool Tournament. No dynasties have formed in the 4 years of the Tournaments history, as a different Team has won each year. (03/01) (View Pic)

Team Noodles, aka Ian Brown and Ken Reid, showing off their new jackets and trophy. They played like true champions and won the 4th, 4-3-2-1 Pool Tournament for Big Brothers held March 6 at the Crooked Cue in Toronto. With the help of sponsors Buildon Construction, Ken Shaw Lexus Toyota and Swiss Chalet/ Kipling-Queensway, the Tournament raised $2,000 for Big Brothers. (03/01) (View Pic)

Ed welcomes Jose Blanco of Aurora S.A. into The Companions of the Quaich. Jose was heard to whisper afterward “this stuff tastes better than Dominican rum….” (12/00) (View Pic)

Luis showing us how it is done. There were lineups for his cigars as very generous guests raised $1,765 for Big Brothers.(12/00) (View Pic)

Jason from H of H explains the finer points of cigar roller Luis Lopez techniques to guests at the December 13 dinner. H of H donated all cigars rolled by Luis that night to the Big Brothers table where guests could purchase the cigars for the charity. (December 2000) (View Pic)

Adam centers Walt and Shyaan from House of Horvath as they prepare to sample the 4 single malts served at the December 13 Christmas Scotch and Cigar Evening. 140 guests enjoyed cigars from House of Horvath, whiskies from the Companions of the Quaich and a world class meal prepared and served by the professionals at the Ontario Club. (December 2000) (View Pic)

Ray and his posse cluster together at the November 2 Scotch and Cigar night at the Ontario Club. A sold out crowd of 80 guests enjoyed an evening of single malts, world class cigars, a first class dinner and a presentation by Joe Bondi of Bondele Cigars.(Nov. 2000). (View Pic)

Stratt and his son at the November 2 Scotch and Cigar night at the Ontario Club (Nov. 2000). (View Pic)

Andre and David Zabitsky with Davidoff rollers from their Dominican factory during a Fathers Day event for Big Brothers (June 1999). (View Pic)

James, Richard, Brent and Jim showing off the Indian Tabac prizes they won during the Cigar of the Month contest. It pays to put a ballot in the box. (April 2000). (View Pic)

Yours truly mugging with Bobby Orr at the Mix 99.9 Golf Tournment (July 1998) (View Pic)

Andy and friends at the Retail Tobacco Dealers Annual Cigar Night (October 1999) (View Pic)