January 17 to 21, saw Cigar Studio travel to Estelí Nicaragua. My main goal was to visit Perdomo’s Cigar operations and factory, and participate in 2.5 days of product knowledge and on site “training” by none other than Nick Perdomo Jr himself.

Let me simply state this; in my 21 years of being in this business, I have done many factory visits and “tours” by other cigar manufacturers in Cuba, Honduras, the DR and Nicaragua. Some were awesome, other forgettable, but I learned more in 2.5 days with Nick, than I have on all those other tours, in all those other countries. Starting with the genetic composition and sorting of the seeds that Perdomo uses, to the packing of cigars in boxes that they ultimately ship to my store, it was an A to Z information session like non other I have ever seen. My main takeaway? There is not a single step in their entire operation that does not focus on quality and a total commitment to make and deliver the best cigars to their customers that they possibly can.

The following pictorial is but a miniscule snapshot of what we saw, touched and smelt. Enjoy.