Cigar humidors merely cannot function without a humidifier. It certainly could work without a hygrometer if required but not without the actual object that generates humidity. Picking the best and reliable cigar humidifier for your humidor can be complicated; well, you are just in the right space. Let’s begin!

A humidifier is designed to provide a precise humidity level to protect the cigars from being too dry or too soggy. There are different styles and types of humidifiers to pick from; it ranges from crystals, bags, beads, and electronic ones. The class, style, and humidifier model will depend on how many cigars a person typically owns. The electronic model is practically suitable for large humidors, whereas crystals, bags, and beads are suitable for small, desktop humidors. Investing in the best cigar humidifier is a smart step and one that will keep your collection protected.

Following are some tips to consider while choosing the best cigar humidifiers:

Electronic Humidifiers

A good quality humidifier can humidify about fifty to thousands of cigars. The electronic humidifier comes with equipped cartridges that hold water and moisten the air inside the humidor. Some even come with built-in sensors.

Fan humidifiers

If the humidifier detects a sudden drop in the moisture level, the humidifier will activate the fan to blow out dehydration. Contrastingly, when the sensors identify the right humidity level, the fan will automatically be disabled. Although, when choosing a humidifier, select an option that suitable for the chosen humidor.

Foam Humidifiers

Foam humidifiers are the most common and oldest humidifiers for cigars. This type of humidifier is made from absorbent phenolic foam. Once the foam has been soaked in water, it utilizes capillary action to bring the water to the foam’s surface, releasing it over a long period. However, the foam humidifier will require replacement within 6 to 12 months of usage.

Crystal and Gel Humidifiers

The basic crystal gel-based humidifiers turn into small crystals that will ultimately convert into a gel once it is wet. It means, if distilled water is added, the crystals turn to gel form. This option is much more reasonable than the electronic model requiring replacement every 12 to 24 months. They are also very low maintenance.

Beads Humidifiers

A Bead humidifier contains silica beads invented to absorb and release moisture based on a humidor’s humidity level. The humidifier must be refilled with distilled water twice every one or two months to activate the beads. The dots need replacement every 12 months since the humidifiers tend to absorb some oils from cigars, resulting in degradation in cigars’ quality.

A good cigar humidifier will accurately control the moisture levels in a humidor like the Cigar Studio Humidifier. So while selecting a humidifier, be sure to consider the size of the humidor, how many cigars you store or have, and the budget. Hopefully, the above content has helped you narrow down specific choices and preferences.

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