Portable Air Cleaners

The arrival of cold weather means we are limited as to where we can comfortable enjoy our cigars. And while the boss may never permit you to light up in the family room or kitchen, what about that small room in your basement? “I could do that” you say “but how do I deal with the smoke and odor afterwards?”

One solution is to consider a room size air cleaner that will deal with all 3 categories of smoke “air pollution”. What are these 3 categories?

  • The first is the smoke particulate – that grey matter – which you can see while smoking. Particulate has mass, and if you have ever been in a home full of smokers who did nor deal with particulate, you will see it as yellow tinge on the walls.
  • The second, while not totally related to cigars, is biological material such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.
  • The third is actually the most critical to smokers as it’s the residual odors that we need to deal with. This is the pollutant that you don’t see. Technically, these are the gas state of chemicals, and range from everything from paint, perfumes, plastic and glue. 

Amaircare is a Canadian company that specializes in providing clean air for both residential and commercial uses. Their portable units employ a 3 stage HEPA filtration process that deals with all parts of in home pollution including residual cigar smoke and odor; pre-filters that capture larger particulate like cigar smoke; HEPA filters then capture finer particulate like dust, pollen and pet dander; then most importantly carbon/charcoal filters that capture the gas/cigar odour that must be dealt with. Carbon is to gas what a sponge is to water. When gas comes into contact with the carbon filter, they become trapped in tiny capillary passages on the surface of the carbon. This process continues until all the passages are filled, much like saturating a sponge.

Filter life of the HEPA and carbon filters have are 2-5 years depending on usage.

Along with our supplier Enerplace, a supplier of our Amaircare units for over 15 years, there are 2 portable units available depending on the size of the room you will enjoy your cigars in. (Enerplace carries many more but we use these two)

The Amaircare 2500 retails for $790 and delivers air flow of 175 CFM. In a 400 square foot room with 8 foot ceilings, this will change all the air in that room 1.4 times in an hour.

The Amaircare 3000 is the one I use at home. Mine is loaded with the VOC Carbon/Charcol filter. It retails for $990 and delivers airflow of 225 CFM. In a 400 square foot room with 8 foot ceilings it will change all the air in that room 2 times in an hour.
My room allows 4 of us to enjoy a couple cigars over a couple of hours. I have blocked the air out take so that there is no leakage into our main HVAC system. I leave the 3000 on while we are smoking and for an hour or so afterwards. I may then fire up my Lampe Berge or open a pail of Ona Gel. Guys I’m telling you, this works. Sure when the boss come downstairs, she will say she can smell the residual odor of our cigars. Barely. And if I have had my Lampe on for 20 minutes she can’t smell anything but the fragrance.
It’s not like I use it every week either, maybe half dozen times a year in the winter. But when I feel like enjoying a cigar, watching some golf on a Sunday afternoon in February, I am glad it’s there.

You are more than welcome to see ours in use at the shop. Or call Murray @ Enerplace directly at 905 624 1890. They are in Mississauga just off Dundas West, about 10 minutes from Cigar Studio. This guy has been living in the clean air business for 30 years and we have no issue with you going directly to the expert. Guys, we live in Toronto, it gets really cold here for 3-4 months so take the time to get educated about these highly efficient portable air cleaners.