Be it a cigarette or a candle; smoke odors can be quite persistent and leave behind a greasy residue in the entire house, including walls and the ceilings. The smoke can infiltrate homes, and the odor from the smoke can make you feel sick due to tiny microscopic bits that stick to walls, furniture, floors, clothing, etc. Have you ever had a guest in your home who has ignored your home’s no-smoking rule? Well, you need not be anxious as we at Cigar Studios have listed 6 proven ways for getting rid of smoke smell for good. We will not only help to remove the existing smoke damage but also help you turn things around quickly in case you have guests arriving at your home urgently. Read on!

White Ammonia –

White ammonia is a great option to eliminate tobacco odor. You can measure one cup of ammonia in about three to four liters of warm water and use it to scrub immovable smells off the hard surfaces (walls are a great option since it is the most unnoticed place). To eliminate the odor from a fabric piece, you can add half a cup of white ammonia to remove smoke odor from your clothes, bedding, towels, and other cloths.

Lampe Berge –

The essential function of the Lampe Berge is a lamp used to remove odor molecules and destroy bacteria by atomizing pure isopropyl alcohol. The secondary role is to disperse the essential oils into the air, eliminating the tobacco smell.

Activated Charcoal-

Activated Charcoal is a natural odor absorbent used as a detoxifying agent. Placing a few bowls of activated Charcoal around your room may help absorb the smoke smell.

Open the Windows-

Leave the windows and doors open as much as possible in the warmer weather. Enough ventilation and fresh air in the house will eventually dispel the odor of smoke.

Baking Soda-

Another natural odor-absorber is Baking Soda. Just by sprinkling moderate amounts of baking soda on your furniture, floors, clothes etc. help absorb the odor.

Ozone Generators-

Ozone masks the smell of several pollutants by impairing an individual’s sense of smell. These expensive products effectively reduce the odor but will not eliminate the smell if the odor has permeated the carpets, draperies, soft furnishings, and many more. So, don’t forget to check these before fitting an ozone generator.

At Cigar Studios, we want you to consider the below key points.

To remove the tobacco smell permanently, one must find the root cause of the problem. This means cleaning all surfaces in your home is vital.

Burning scented candles and perfumed aerosols will only mask the smell temporarily.

Fresh air can help remove some of the odor, but it actually only dilutes the smell and does not remove it eternally.

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