All cigars deserve the best possible protection, whether it is a Cuban cigar, premium blends, or rare vintage cigars. How can you provide the best protection for the best cigars? The answer creates a suitable humid atmosphere for the cigar to maintain its shape to better taste. The right humidity level can be achieved when the cigars are stored in a humidor with a cigar humidifier. Here’s a definitive guide for cigar humidification.

Hygrometer and a Humidifier

A hygrometer is a part of the humidor’s equipment that calculates the humidity inside the humidor’s cavity. Whereas a cigar humidifier is the part of the humidor’s equipment, it provides humidity to assure that cigars stay in their most adequate condition. When it comes to genuine cigar humidification, the first step is choosing a good humidor; it varies mostly on the elements used to produce one; the following are a few essential elements.

  1. Inner Lining of the Humidor: The inner lining of a humidor is not a vital piece. Usually, enthusiasts replace the insides of a humidor. There are three significant types of wood used for the humidor’s inner lining: Spanish cedar, Red Cedar, and Honduran Mahogany.
    • Spanish cedar: It offers three main advantages. First is protection against tobacco worms; a high humidity absorption capacity supports the cigars’ aging process.
    • Red Cedar: Red Cedar is a bit inferior to Spanish cedar in humidity absorption; instead, it gives away an intense aroma. Several humidor producers use red cedar wood as it is inexpensive and more comfortable to purchase.
    • Honduran Mahogany: It has a similar humidity absorption rate in comparison to Spanish cedar and not much of an intense odor.
  2. Veneer and Solid Wood: There are different options when making a humidor. Solid wood humidors will see the entire humidor crafted (often by hand) from solid hardwood, such as Sycamore. But, a solid wood humidor is not necessarily superior to veneer humidors. Veneer humidors are made to endure changes in humidity. Eventually, it narrows down to the style and work of wood used to craft a humidor.
  3. Hinges: Hinges should be durable and ensure low-friction functioning for many years to come.
  4. Quality of lacquer application: Lacquer should be smooth and even while its application.
  5. Airtight seal: It can maintain a steady and unvarying internal humidity level.

Cigar Humidifiers

  • Temperature: Buyer should store cigars at a relative humidity of approximately 65-70% inside the humidor.
  • Humidity Issues: Humidity level shouldn’t exceed more than 80%, or else the cigars will begin to rot. If the cigars turn out to be too dry, they turn fragile and burn rather quickly. Whereas, if the cigar is too damp, it will burn erratically and develop an unpleasant fatty and acidic flavor.


A Hygrometer is a small instrument that is used to measure the humidity of the humidor. The hygrometer must be calibrated before using and must be done time and again to maintain its accuracy.

How to Ensure Your Hygrometer is Reading Accurately

The most critical piece of equipment in your humidor is your hygrometer. You can’t question whether your humidor is ‘working’ or not until you trust your hygrometer’s accuracy. You must know it is calibrated correctly to accurately indicate the 65%-70% humidity level necessary to maintain cigars in perfect condition. This is especially important during the cold and dry winter months.

Since opening in 1996, Cigar Studio has offered a complimentary service to check your hygrometers’ accuracy. Unless you are a chemist, forget doing the salt test at home. Seriously, it can be messy, and you need to know what you are doing. So please bring in your hygrometer, whether you bought it here or not. (We always test all equipment before we sell it). We will leave your hygrometer in our humidor overnight. We have very accurate and expensive equipment to ensure 65%-70% humidity – remember, this is the business we have been in for 25 years. Almost all hygrometers can be re-calibrated, and we will do it for you at no charge. We always have, we always will.

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