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Cigars are a type of hobby, not a habit.

The premium cigar world is quite relaxed, but there are few particular customs and etiquettes to follow. It does not matter if you are an expert or a novice; to fully enjoy your premium cigar, here are a few snags (in no particular order) you should avoid when smoking cigars or even owning one.

1. Cut off Too Much Cigar

The cigar cap contains a vegetable-based binding agent that keeps the wrapper tobacco from separating. If a cut is made too far down the cigar’s head so that the cap can be removed entirely, you may run the risk of having the leaf wrapper fall right off the binder. In general, the smoker should cut just above the rounded shoulders of the cigar’s head.

2. Puff Too Often

Unhurried and unruffled is the basic rule of smoking a cigar. You have got to enjoy every puff. Over puffing may lead to overheating, and in return, overheating will direct the whole experience into bitterness. The smoker should at least maintain 30- 40 seconds of a gap in between puffs.

3. Light with Dirty Fuel

All fire is not treated as equivalent to a good clean fire. The smoker must ensure that the flame’s source should be clean; otherwise, impurities will instantly get absorbed into the cigar. The impure flame will pollute every puff of the entire smoking experience. The smoker needs to use butane based lighter so that contaminated flame will not hamper the taste of the tobacco. Any other flame source like a candle or a citronella torch will make the cigar taste like wax or citronella.

4. Inhale Your Cigar

Do not inhale your cigar. It is vital to understand that “Taste buds are in your tongue, not in your lungs.” A Cigar is more about the aroma, resonance, and yes, of course, taste. Inhaling the cigar smoke into your lungs will only let you taste just a bit of the premium tobacco in a cigar. Most importantly, inhaling the smoke could make you light-headed or even sick to your stomach.

5. Put a Half-smoked Cigar in Your Humidor

Lets us understand the above point with a simple question. Would you put a charred campfire log in your clothes drawer? So why would you even have a thought of putting a charred cigar in the humidor? Just like garments, cigars and humidors absorb fragrances. When you place a cigar that is partially smoked back inside a humidor, it will taint the other cigars you have stored inside, you also run a risk of ruining your humidor.

6. Use a Cigar Box as a Humidor

Most cigar manufacturers insert the cigar in a small pack of a box. One mistake that most cigar owners and smokers make is thinking that just because the pack or boxes of cigars are factory sealed, it will maintain the cigars’ freshness. A humidor is an essential accessory to store the cigars, just like you may see any loose sticks at a cigar shop. The box of cigars will start to drop its humidity after it is out of a humidor.

Above were a few things important Don’ts a cigar novice or an enthusiast should follow. For more information, contact Cigar Studio today!!