Now that you have purchased your first humidor, you may want to learn the tricks of the trade. In basic, you now want to maintain the humidity and enhance the flavor of your prized possessions ‘the cigars.’ A hygrometer measures the humidity level inside the humidor. Moisture is critical for cigars, as the tobacco leaves inside them will expand and contract based on the relative humidity of the air around them. If your cigars get too dry, they will eventually wither and lose their aroma and flavor. If a cigar is left exposed to excess humidity, it can cause mold, rot, and even infestations of tobacco beetles.

There are two types of hygrometers, digital or analog. A hygrometer will let you know the humidity levels and whether you need to adjust the moisture within the humidor. Checking the hygrometer regularly is of critical importance; this will ensure that the humidor’s condition is perfect. You should always purchase a hygrometer depending on the type and size of your humidor. Today’s hygrometers are very accurate, durable, and easy to use.

Digital hygrometers contain a sensor that is either resistive or capacitive. The principal of humidity measurement remains the same in both types of sensors. A small charge of electric current flows through a moisture-absorbing material exposed to the air. The properties of the current change depending on the humidity saturation levels. This is detected by the sensor and displayed in real-time on the hygrometers digital display. Premium and high-end humidors are Wi-Fi enabled and can send readings directly to your smartphone, tablet, or through email.

Analog hygrometers rely on more primitive technology. They contain a composite coil with a metal strip bonded with moisture-absorbing hygroscopic materials, usually paper polymers. As humidity fluctuations occur, the metal strip expands and contracts to cause the coil to bend or rotate. This coil is connected to a needle dial indicator, which tells the user about the content of humidity.

Purchasing a good hygrometer and using it correctly will directly impact the freshness of your cigars. Most humidor models come equipped with inbuilt analog hygrometers. These hygrometers are not always accurate, and you could end up with moldy or dried out cigars.  Cigar lovers and enthusiasts must learn how to calibrate these devices incase your humidor is equipped with a poor quality hygrometer.

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