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Pipe Tobacco

Pipe Tobacco

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Sutliff Cringle Flake 2023 (50g)
Stuliff Cringle Flake 2022 (50g)
Royal York (50g)
Royal York (50g) Sale price$59.90
Mr. B's Wild Anatolia (50g)
Mr. B's Virginia Flake (50g)
Mr. B's The Benedict (50g)
Mr. B's Solitude (50g)
Mr. B's Solitude (50g) Sale price$49.90
Mr. B's Smooth Sailing (50g)
Mr. B's Shamrock Treasure (50g)
Mr. B's Royal Viking (50g)
Mr. B's Pure Pleasure (50g)
Mr. B's Prohibition (50g)
Mr. B's Prohibition (50g) Sale price$49.90
Mr. B's Own (50g)
Mr. B's Own (50g) Sale price$49.90
Mr. B's Natural Cavendish (50g)
Mr. B's Natillas (50g)
Mr. B's Natillas (50g) Sale price$47.90
Mr. B's Muskoka Mixture (50g)
Mr. B's Morning Pleasure (50g)
Mr. B's Mark Twain (50g)
Mr. B's Mark Twain (50g) Sale price$49.90
Mr. B's Island Paradise (50g)
Mr. B's Georgia Sunshine (50g)
Mr. B's English Mix (50g)
Mr. B's English Mix (50g) Sale price$49.90
Mr. B's Danish Delight (50g)
Mr. B's Cherokee (50g)
Mr. B's Cherokee (50g) Sale price$49.90
Mr. B's Canadian Winter (50g)
Mr. B's Cambridge Blend (50g)
Mr. B's Buccaneer (50g)
Mr. B's Buccaneer (50g) Sale price$49.90
Mr. B's Bright Virginia (50g)
Mr. B's BC Cavendish (50g)
Mr. B's Balkan (50g)
Mr. B's Balkan (50g) Sale price$49.90
Mr. B's Ancient Secrets (50g)
Mr. B's Afternoon Delight (50g)
Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Loose Cut (50g)
Lampton (50g)
Lampton (50g) Sale price$44.90
Jackson (50g)
Jackson (50g) Sale price$44.90
Islington (50g)
Islington (50g) Sale price$59.90
Erinmore Mixture (50g)
Erinmore Mixture (50g) Sale price$51.90
CS 4 (50g)
CS 4 (50g) Sale price$47.90
Cornell and Diehl Old Grove (50g)
Sold outSamuel Gawith Squadron Leader (50g)
Sold outSamuel Gawith Perfection
Samuel Gawith Perfection Sale price$62.90
Sold outSamuel Gawith CH Flake
Samuel Gawith CH Flake Sale price$62.90
Sold outSamuel Gawith Best Brown Flake
Sold outSamuel Gawith 1792 Flake
Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake Sale price$62.90
Sold outMontgomery (50g)
Montgomery (50g) Sale price$44.90
Sold outMac Baren Scottish Mixture (50g)
Sold outMac Baren Plumcake Navy Blend (50g)
Sold outLegend Maritime Morning (50g)
Sold outLegend Aurora Borealis (50g)