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Humidor 411

How to fix a dry humidor or setup a new humidor for the first time

Ensure your Hygrometer is Reading Accurately
It's easy! Just bring it into the store and we will re-calibrate it at no charge to you even if you didn’t buy your humidor at Cigar Studio.

If you buy a humidor from Cigar Studio, we always calibrate your hygrometer before you take it home.

Importance of your Hygrometer
The most important piece of equipment in your humidor is your hygrometer. You can’t question whether your humidor is “working” or not until you absolutely trust your hygrometer’s accuracy. You must know it is calibrated correctly to accurately indicate the 65%-70% humidity level necessary to maintain cigars in perfect condition. This is especially important during the cold and dry winter months.

How to Season a Humidor
It's easy! Just bring it into the store and we will season it at no charge to you even if you didn’t buy your humidor at Cigar Studio.

If you can’t make it in, it’s a simple process.

The fast way: take a clean sponge or rag dampened (not dripping) with distilled water.  Wipe down the interior of the box.  It’s important that the surface of the box is not too wet or the wood can warp.  Close the lid and let the humidor absorb the distilled water.  After 24 hours, check the humidity level.  You may need to repeat this process.

The better way: wipe down the humidor as described above and simply fill one shot glass with distilled water. You can use two shot glasses if you are dealing with a larger humidor to speed this process up.  Place the glass in the humidor and ensure that it’s dry or you can get ring marks. Now close the lid and wait 2-3 days. If necessary, top off the shot glass but watch out for any spills.

Why does a Humidor need to be Seasoned?
A humidor is designed to keep your cigars at the right humidity which is 65-70%. In order for your humidor to do this, the cedar that lines the inside of your humidor must be sufficiently humid. If not, your humidor will absorb the humidity in your cigars and cause them to dry out, instead of providing the optimal conditions for storage that premium handmade cigars require.

Maintaining Humidity
Humidity Packs
Humidity packs like Boveda packs are 2-way control humidity packs that effortlessly preserve the humidity at a prescribed rate, typically 69 or 72% humidity. The come in a range of sizes depending on the size of your humidor.

Propylene Glycol
Propylene glycol is a two-way humidification solution that you occasionally pour into humidifier crystals that works in two ways: it will both humidify to 70% and absorb excess humidity in your humidor. It also acts as a bacterial and mould inhibitor.

Oasis Units for larger humidors
Being a completely sealed system, it can run in all size end-tables to very large cabinets.  It can be remotely controlled and has a large water reservoir that is topped up with distilled water as required.

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