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Brigham Pipe of the Year 2023

Sale price$329.90

Introducing the Brigham Pipe of the Year 2023, the latest addition to our exclusive pipe collection. Made with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, this pipe offers smooth draws and a uniquely stylish design.

Established in 1873, the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) served as a Canadian paramilitary police force with the mandate to maintain order in the newly acquired Canadian North-West Territories (NWT). This responsibility arose following the 1870 transfer of Rupert's Land and North-Western Territory from the Hudson's Bay Company, amidst the aftermath of the Red River Rebellion, and as a response to the prevalent lawlessness exemplified by the Cypress Hills Massacre and concerns about potential United States military intervention.

Functioning in a hybrid capacity that encompassed military, police, and judicial roles, the NWMP adopted a structure reminiscent of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Opting for a compact and agile police force was a deliberate strategy to mitigate potential tensions with both the United States and First Nations. Notably, the NWMP uniforms featured red coats, a symbolic nod to British and Canadian military attire.

The 2023 Brigham Pipe of the Year, designed as a nod to the iconic Stetson hat, features a distinctive pewter Mountie pipe tamper. This exclusive pipe is a limited edition, with only 120 units crafted.